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Attorney Bio

Attorney Bio

Jeffrey P. Story - Attorney in Evanston
Jeffrey P. Story graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts.

Following the deaths of his parents, he decided to open his own boutique law practice in Evanston, Illinois devoted to Elder Law and Estate Planning, including Special Needs Trusts. He is the proud and grateful father of his son, Gabriel. They live in a neighborhood that is close to downtown Evanston.

Jeff is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys; Elder Counsel, LLC; the Illinois State Bar Association’s Elder Law and Trusts and Estates Sections; and the Chicago Bar Association’s Elder Law Committee. Jeff helps elders and people living with disabilities to plan their estates in order to protect their assets and their ability to claim public benefits at a later time. He helps people file Medicaid applications and advocates for their rights under law to save assets for their future care needs and their estate. The more he practices in this area of law, the more he appreciates the fine work of our Illinois Legislature and the U.S. Congress who has afforded us excellent rights and protections under law.

When he is not practicing law, Jeff enjoys spending time with his son; cooking French and Italian cuisine; playing his guitars; writing poetry; speaking French whenever possible; bicycle camping and touring; and listening to good Jazz and Blues music from his personal collection and in Chicago’s wonderful venues.

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Excellent attorney who cares about people

I found Mr. Story on a website - I live in Texas but had a matter taking place in Evanston, IL and I needed legal assistance. I'm certain that Mr. Story is a busy man but he listened to my long, detailed issue. He asked questions - he was genuinely concerned and gave me excellent information so that I could move forward. It's so hard not being in the same state when you are trying to take care of an important matter. He took the time to walk this through with me and I was so grateful that I found him.

~ Monica July 16, 2019

I hired Jeffrey to help me navigate the paperwork for my mother’s Medicaid application. I was being 100% honest on the application, but I knew there were going to be things in our case that looked odd to the caseworker. How true this turned out to be. The application was ultimately approved, but it took nearly a year. In that terribly stressful time, through every additional set of document requests, I relied on Jeffrey’s advice and counsel. He kept me calm, focused, and on track. He knew when to push back when the requests were ridiculous, and when to seek additional advice when they were baffling. And through it all he never billed me for a single dollar more than the flat fee I paid up front. I highly recommend Jeffrey.

~ Frank September 8, 2022
Will & Trust

Jeff executed a Will and Trust for my elderly mother. He gave us expert advice and helped my mother enormously with a contentious situation. We initially contacted Jeff because he specializes in legal affairs for the elderly and found his knowledge and sensitivity to issues most reassuring and helpful.

~ anonymous September 7, 2022
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