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  • Elder Law

    Elder Law is a broad area of practice that is focused holistically on older individuals and their families. This practice area came about to address an aging population that is increasing in the United States. My concentration in Elder Law is devoted to Long-term care planning, particularly as it intersects with Estate Law and the need to establish a trust to protect an elder’s assets for their heirs.

    Most people would like to remain in their homes as they age in place and my practice helps clients find legal options and benefits to fulfill this goal. In the event that an elder becomes disabled to where she/he cannot continue to manage their own household or finances in safety and does not have a Durable Power of Attorney for Property or a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Guardianship and its alternatives are services that my practice can help to establish. Medicaid application filing and advocacy as well as reviewing and negotiating nursing home and assisted living contracts are important areas of my practice for protecting the quality of life of an elder. Finally, probate and trust administration are also services that my practice concentrates in. There are also Elder Law attorneys who file personal injury lawsuits on behalf of their clients and represent clients in will contests and elder abuse litigation. Elder Law attorneys serve as both advocates and counselors for their clients as they seek information about long-term care options and benefits. Finding your way through the labyrinth of rules and bureaucracy that are inevitable in working with financial institutions, government agencies and nursing homes can be daunting to anyone not acquainted with this area of law. Proper advance preparation with a proactive estate plan can minimize much of this and save money that would otherwise go to such areas of the law as Guardianship and Probate.

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