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  • Nursing Home and Assisted Living Contract Review/Negotiations and Advocacy

    When you need to fill out an application for a nursing home or Assisted Living Facility for a relative or yourself, you will likely be facing illegal provisions that should be stricken from the contract before you sign. These provisions are unenforceable, however, the nursing home may attempt to enforce them in court or through a collection agency, forcing you or your family to hire a lawyer to defend yourself in court. There are inspection reports available from the State of Illinois for all of the nursing homes who use Medicaid and Medicare and my law office keeps a file of these inspections in order to help guide your decision on which nursing home to enter. By using an attorney who is familiar with these provisions you can be well armed to advocate for your legal rights at the time of signing the contract and entering the facility. If you have already entered the facility, I can review your contract and advocate for you against any illegal contract provisions. If litigation is required, I can refer you to counsel that concentrates in that area.

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