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Fee Rates

My Fee Rates and Initial Meeting

When you call and let me know the nature of your legal case, if it is in my practice areas, I will work with you to schedule an appointment when we can meet. I will send you or email you my Client Questionnaire, parking directions and my lobby passcode.

If you are coming to gather information only, I will need to limit the meeting to a brief description of what I can offer you to accomplish your goals. The legal training and information I have obtained through my working experience is the most valuable asset I posses and I cannot afford to offer it free of charge. In all fairness, even when I have attempted to provide clients with more detailed information, I am understandably met with frustration that they are overwhelmed. This is understandable because it is a fairly complicated area of law with many pitfalls and traps awaiting the unwary.

A better approach for obtaining information to make an informed decision is to hire my law office to prepare a Legal Memorandum that analyzes your situation and assets to produce a series of proposed strategies with my legal opinions at the end. It will have references to the federal and state laws throughout and will provide you with a clear pathway forward, should you decide to hire me for more legal services. This type of memorandum is often used in business when contemplating an important decision that involves risk and legal matters, weighing the cost/benefit analysis.

My fees are a flat rate, typically, with exceptions for Probate Administration, Medicaid Appeals and Negotiating with DHS. My Estate Plans range between $700.00 and $7,500.00 for an individual, and $1,200.00 and $7,500.00 for a married couple. Depending upon your selection, if could be more, but the Trust Packages are $3,500.00 for an individual or $4,800.00 for a couple.

I do not offer or negotiate discounts, all fees are final. Checks are preferred, but I do accept credit card payments. All fees must be paid in advance in full.

Any calls or emails will be returned within 24 hours.