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Fee Rates

My Fee Rates and Initial Meeting

When you call and let me know the nature of your legal case, if it is in my practice areas, I will work with you to schedule an appointment when we can meet. During the course of the meeting we will discuss your legal concerns and goals. I will lay out a range of options for your consideration, among them the cost for my services. In order for my work for you to proceed I will need a retainer fee or flat fee paid at that time.

A typical estate plan ranges between $1,000-$5,000, depending upon the complexity of the plan. An Elder Law matter typically ranges from $2,000 – $10,000. Whenever possible I will offer you a flat fee for my services that is payable by credit card, if that is more convenient for you. Clients generally prefer a flat fee because it is predictable and clear from the outset just what their total cost will be.

My rates reflect my expertise and the amount of non-billable time I spend staying on top of the latest developments in Elder Law in order to offer you the utmost in service. You may rest assured that any calls made to me for case status will be returned within 24 hours.