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  • Medicaid Planning, Applications and Advocacy

    Even if you have carefully saved for long-term care, the actual cost of live-in home health aides, nursing homes and assisted living facilities is considerable. In fact, costs have risen to the point where the spouse not living in the facility, trying to cover the entire nursing home bill, risks complete destitution. Adult children may need to spend their own savings to care for their elder parents living in a facility. Healthcare costs are the greatest contributor to people needing to file bankruptcy. Medicaid is the present safety net for elders who cannot afford such steep long-term facility costs. In order to safeguard your assets for heirs and plan for costs that Medicaid will not cover it is important to consider a range of options, including a well drafted Trust. There are also a number of options for housing and levels of care to consider. In filing the Medicaid application, it is advisable to retain an attorney to help prepare it. Nursing facilities have a conflict of interest in filling out applications because they receive more money when the families pay privately than when Medicaid pays. There are Medicaid recipient’s rights that must be safeguarded throughout the application process and after the elder is admitted to a facility. These rights must be protected before signing the application, lest the family be possibly tied up in unnecessary litigation or the quality of life of the elder be diminished, needlessly.

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