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  • Selecting a Professional Advocate to act as your Power of Attorney

    Among Elder Law attorneys, Care Consultants and Geriatric Care Managers that I know, it is not unusual to hear about elders who have become so isolated that they may choose a friendly bank teller, waitress or grocery cashier that they see once a week to become their Durable Power of Attorney and their Health Care Power of Attorney. This may sound absurd, but it is not unusual. The elder may not have a church or community of friends to interact with. Perhaps, most of their friends have died or are experiencing their own health challenges. Perhaps, their children have become estranged from them or are untrustworthy. The trouble with the friendly waitress is that she may have a tendency to “borrow” money she needs for their husband’s business, child’s school, etc…

    There are horror stories I have witnessed with POA’s, such as, the loving son/ Power of Attorney with a gambling addiction with securities trading that depletes the estate in short order. There are the family member POA’s who go power-mad and isolate the elder in a skilled nursing facility from their family members and friends. There are the family member POA’s who are very nice people, however, they are quite simply not up to the task of making the hard decisions on your behalf. (more…)